Located in Singapore’s prestigious District 9, The Lumos is a freehold luxury development sited within walking distance of the prime Orchard shopping district.

While the nearby Orchard Road bustles with a diverse selection of retail and F&B options, The Lumos is nestled within a tranquil enclave at 9 Leonie Hill, promising exceptional exclusivity for high-end residential living.

All 53 homes in this 36-storey, single block development have been designed with the utmost care and thought, and selected units feature generous balconies that open up to sweeping views of the surrounding city and beyond.

If you are looking for an ideal combination of metropolitan excitement with suburban serenity, The Lumos – offering timeless value with its freehold tenure and choice location – is the ideal home for you.

永久地契豪华公寓水晶阁,位于新加坡高尚的第 9 邮区,著名的乌节购物地带,近在咫尺。

虽然乌节路上繁华热闹,零售与餐饮店林立,但水晶阁却坐落在离此一箭之遥的利安尼山 9 号地段,地点格外清幽宁静,实为打造高端住宅生活的非凡之选!


如果您正寻觅一个既有城市的活力,又有郊区的闲情逸趣的住宅,那价值恒久、地契永久及地点优越的水晶阁 ,是您创建家园的不二之选。